Q. What does ‘INCOTERMS’ mean?

Ans : Incoterms, short for ‘International Commercial Terms’, is a set of sales terms defined by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). They are widely used as a standard for international trade because they clarify the responsibilities between buyer and seller.

Q. Do I need cargo insurance?

Ans : Cargo insurance provides cover for any physical loss or damage during transit. Since many carriers (e.g. planes, trains, trucks, ships, etc.) will have terms limiting their liability for damage during transit, cargo insurance is highly recommended. Please contact us for more information.

Q. Can you arrange for shipments to be picked up from our Factory/Warehouse?

Ans : Yes, we can facilitate door-to-door pickup and delivery, to and from anywhere in the world.

Q. What is difference between “SHIPPED ON BOARD” & “CLEAN ON BOARD” ?

Ans : When are cargo is stuffed and sealed inside the port then CLEAN ON BOARD is mentioned on the Bill of Lading. If the cargo is stuffed and sealed outside port then “ SHIPPED ON BOARD “ appears on the bill of lading.

Q. What size of Shipments can you handle ?

Ans : Any size from LCL, FCL ( 20’, 40’ Containers) , ODC, tank containers, hazardous etc.

Q. Documents required for hazardous cargo shipment ?

Ans : We require, MSDS cert., UN NO., IMO no., Haz class , packaging, weight, etc

Q. Is it possible to change the bill of lading number on a switch bill of lading..??

Ans : Bill of Lading number remain same on 1st leg B/L and 2nd leg B/L in case of Switch B/L, whether it is Master Bill of Lading or House Bill of Lading.

Q. Difference Between Freight Forwarder and NVOCC?

Ans : Freight forwarder handles movement of the goods from point to point on behalf of cargo owner. NVOCC – Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier are company which own container and takes slot on shipping line which owns vessel. They Service provided by Freight Forwarder & NVOCC

  • All modes of Transport – Road / Rail / Air / Sea but NVOCC provide only shipment through sea
  • Freight forwarder provide effective cargo shipping solution
  • Freight Forwarder can arrange Cargo Storage / warehousing facility
  • Freight Forwarder can process all shipping documents eg. bills of lading and associated shipping/negotiating documentation (Eur1, Certificate of Origin, etc)
  • Freight Forwarder can Issue their own House Bill of Lading